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    Hi Family,

    I really need your help! I want to make our "Family Album" as
    complete as possible.

    1. PLEASE share any photos and/or information that you might have.
    If you don't have access to a scanner, if you will send me pictures,
    I'll scan then return them to you.

    2. I would like to make our "Album" a personal thing for all, therefore
    would each of you please send me "your life story" i.e. A time line
    showing where you lived when, where you went to school, worked, --
    important events in your life - your interests, likes and dislikes -
    funny stories,etc. I would like our Family Album to be something we
    can print and save for future generations - something that will let them
    know who we were rather than just names and dates....

    3. This is to be surprise for Ken, therefore I can't ask his help so I'm
    depending on each of you!

    4. I'm going to be posting pictures that I need help with identity. Please
    check frequently and help me along those lines.

Thanks - I love you ALL!

The Following Pictures

Nothing written on back -

Marked on back:
Doris Marie(?) 2 1/2

School picture - Maybe Homer???? Looks like the boy in the back row is marked.

Who are these 2 precious little ones? Maybe Blanche???

Unmarked Group???????

As you are enjoying your stroll down memory lane, PLEASE edit and let me know any corrections, etc. that need to be made.




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