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67aVi, Mill, Dode & Florence



- 119a Viola & ?

- 125a - baby in Buggy ??

- 133a ?


- 129a Blanche & Leon

- 139a Blanche & Linda

- 136a Mill, Linda & Vi


82a Bruce, Linda & Greg

- 122a Linda, Bruce & Greg

- 127a Greg & Linda

- 130a Greg & Linda

- 132a Linda & Kim

- 134a Greg & Linda

- 138a Linda & Kim

============================================ ============================================ - 139a

- 140a

- 141a

- 142a

- 143a

- 144a

- 145a

- 146a

- 147a

- 148a

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Irish Family Tree


It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;
What is essential is invisible to the eye.
-- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry,
The Little Prince


....More on the ancestors from George's book:

_____Irish b 1475, m 1488
William Irish of Yatton b 1510
John Irish of Congresbury b 1537, m Alice Hannum of Yatton b 1542
John Irish b 1564 m1 Margery Bush, m2 Christian Welsh &
Elizabeth Twytt

A John Irish of Duxbury, Massachusetts (Plymouth Colony) abt 1600 - 1677

Excerpts from "The Family of John & Elizabeth (Irish) Richmond,"

by Robert H. Bowerman
Second Boat Query Magazine, May-June 1991, page 16, 17.
[his relevant references are listed below]

"As to the ancestry of Elizabeth Irish, Torrey (5) lists the wives of John1 and John2 Irish as Elizabeth -----. Since Torrey represents a fairly complete search of published sources to 1762, there is probably nothing in print prior to that date. Two later sources give conflicting data for the surname of the first wife of John2 Irish. She is given as Elizabeth Thurston (?) in 'Little Compton Families' (1967, rev. 1974), by B. F. Wilbur (6), and as Elizabeth Savory in 'Descendants of John Irish' (1964) by W. L. Irish (7). Since the latter author credits B. F. Wilbur as source of the Savory name, there is no basis for rejecting either name. Benjamin Franklin Wilbur died in 1964, and the editor who prepared 'Little Compton Families' has no information as to which name was given first. There was a nearby Thurston family (Edward1) with a daughter of the right name and age. The nearest Savory family was at Plymouth, some distance away, but with no suitable daughters. The alleged Risley connection seems to come from Virkus (8) and has been extensively studied by the Risley Family Associatin and rejected as impossible, per correspondence shown th this writer.. Any futher data on these inidentified wives would be most welcome."


(5) New England Marriages Prior to 1700, C. A. Torrey, GPC, 1987 (p.411)
(6) Little Compton Families, by Wilbur, 1967 (p.370)
(7) Descendants of John Irish, By W. L. Irish, 1964 (p.14)
(8) Compendium of American Genealogy, Virkus (Vol. 6, p.785)

The following is the relevant part of the ancestry chart given in the above article:

John Mott Adam Mott John Irish Edward Thurston + Elizabeth Mott +Elizabeth (Risley ?) | | | | | ? | | | John Irish Elizabeth ? (Thurston or Savory) (he m(2) Priscilla | Southworth Talbot) | | | |____________m(1) 167?__________| | Elizabeth Irish (1674 - ?)



Plymouth, Mass.

Duxbury, Mass - 1629 - 1641

Little Compton, Rhode Island

Foxcroft, Maine

Appleton, Maine

Grey Eagle, Minn