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"The Immigrant"

(DOB: Abt 1600 - DOD: 5 Mar 1677)

"Descendants of John Irish"
by W.L. Irish

"He came to America in 1629 and is considered as the founder of the IRISH family here in the United States. John Irish came to Plymouth, Massachusetts with John Bradford, the son of Governor William Bradford of the Plymouth Colony. John Irish was living in Duxbury, Plymouth County, Mass. in 1629, where he was of considerable note as a surveyor of lands. He left much property in Seaconnet, R.I. He was a volunteer for the Pequot War in 1633-1637."


1.John IrishI, The Immigrant (b.abt 1600, d.5-Mar 1677 Duxbury, Mass)
  m-abt 1640 to Elizabeth Risley (d.28 Aug 1687 Duxbury, Mass)
   2-1.Elizabeth Irish 
       m-abt 1670 to Philip Washburn of Bridgewater, Mass (b.1624  d.abt 1700) 
   2-2.John Irish II ( b. abt 1641 Duxbury, Mass  d. 21 Feb 1717  Little Compton, R I)
       m-(1)1672 to Elizabeth Savory (b.1650 d.8 Mar 1707 Little Compton, RI)
        3-1. David Irish (b.Feb 1674 Little Compton, RI  d.Mar 1748)
             m-4 Jan 1699 to Martha Nelson (d.15 Feb 1760)  
        3-2. Elizabeth Irish (b.Feb 1674 Little Compton, RI d.young) 
        3-3. Jonathan Irish (b.6 Jun 1678 Little Compton, RI  d.1732)
             m-1702 to Mary Taylor (b.25 Oct 1682  d.13 May 1743 Little Compton, RI)  
        3-4. Joanna Irish (b.6 Jun 1681 Little Compton, RI)
             m-11 Oct 1708 to Edward Robertson. 
        3-5. Sarah Irish (b.Jan 1683 Little Compton, RI d.24 Oct 1739)
             m-4 Dec 1712 to William  Schreich 
        3-6. Priscilla Irish (b.30 Apr 1686 Little Compton, RI d.abt 1715)
        3-7. Elizabeth Irish (b.28 Aug 1687 Little Compton, RI) 
        3-8. Jedediah Irish (b.7 Oct 1688) 
        3-9. Content Irish (b.Sep 1691 Little Compton, RI)
             m-(1)28 Sep 1710 to William Shaw 
             m-(2)4 Jan 1714/15 to Joseph Lawton
        3-10.Mary Irish (b.9 Apr 1695 Little Compton, RI)
             m-9 Feb 1715 to William Palmer (b.1686 Westerly, RI) 
        3-11.John Irish III (b.1 May 1699  Little Compton, RI d.Jul 1773  Little Compton, RI )
             m-10 May 1720 to Thankful Wilbur (b.8 Jun 1700 d.abt 1773 Little Compton, RI) 
              4-1. Edward Irish (b.9 Jan 1721 Little Compton, RI d.1 Dec 1795)
                   m-Lois Sanford.   
              4-2. Charles Irish (b.30 May 1723 Little Compton, RI d.14 May 1797, Newport, RI)
                   m-18 Oct 1750 to Abigail Wood  
              4-3. Lydia Irish (b.9 Aug 1725 Little Compton, RI d.28 Nov 1745) 
              4-4. John Irish IV (b.9 Dec 1727  Little Compton, RI d.12 Oct 1752)
              4-5. Levi Irish (b.20 Oct 1730)
                   m-Hannah Church - resided in Nova Scotia (4 children - Antigonish, Nova Scotia) 
              4-6. Elizabeth Irish (b.26 Feb 1732 Little Compton, RI d.1732) 
              4-7. Mary Irish (b.16 May 1734  Little Compton, RI d.abt 1790)
                   m-21 Sep 1755 to William Manchester 
              4-8. Thankful Irish (b.8 Jun 1737 Little Compton, RI)
                   m-30 Nov 1755 Little Compton, RI to George Cook   
              4-9. David Irish (b.8 Jun 1737 d.1818)
                   m-27 Nov 1763 to Susannah Brownell
              4-10.Ichabod Irish (b.6 Jan 1740  d.5 Aug 1815, Vassalborough, Maine) 
                   m-(1) to Polly ? ~ No Children
                   m-(2) Oct 17 1764 to Ruth Cook Tiverton, RI
                    5-1. Phillip Irish (b.abt 1766 d.1819)
                         m-18  Oct 1789 to Hulda Wilbor
                          6-1. Ruth Irish (b.10 Sep 1791 d.27 Jun 27 1859)
                               m-Jan 21, 1809 to William Tidlow 
                          6-2. Humphrey Irish (b.1 Jul 1792)
                               m-to Elizabeth Wood
                          6-3. Nancy (b.1800)
                          6-4. Julia Irish (b.1805)
                          6-5. William Irish (b.1805)
                          6-6. Joseph Irish (b.1808)
                               m-to Catherine Echert
                          6-7. Shepard Irish (b.1810)
                               m-Hannah Grinnell (b.31 Aug 1745 d.30 Jul 1794)
                    5-2. Ruth Irish
                         m-to Jonathon Fletcher in Lincolnville(?)
                          6-1. Sally Fletcher
                               m-to Robert Moody     
                    5-3. Betsy Irish (b.30 Sep 1769)
                         m-to Ebenezer Whitcomb in Barrets Town(?)
                          6-1. Ebenezer Whitcomb II
                          6-2. Ira Whitcomb
                          6-3. John Whitcomb
                          6-4. Ira Whitcomb
                          6-5. Thirsa Whitcomb
                               m-to Abel Blood
                          6-6. Betsy Whitcomb
                               m-to Dillingham
                          6-7. Mahala Whitcomb
                               m-to William Fletcher
                          6-8. Henry Whitcomb
                          6-9. Nancy Whitcomb
                               m-to Kingman Gurney 
                          6-10.Sally Whitcomb
                               m-to John Whitcomb  
                          6-11.Benjamin Whitcomb
                          6-12.Ruth Whitcomb
                               m-to Charles Elliott 
                          6-13.Eleanor Whitcom
                    5-4. Permelia Irish (b.22 Jul 1773 d.30 May 1797)
                    5-5. Comfort Irish (b.18 Jan 1775 d.1 May 1796)
                    5-6. Thankful Irish (b.8 Apr 1778 d.20 Jan 1798) 
                         m-to Walter Philbrook
                    5-7. Mahala Irish (b.13 Aug 1780 d.Dec 1799) 
                    5-8. Thirsa Irish (b.13 Aug 1780 d.6 Aug 1797)
                    5-9. Cornelius Irish 
                         m-10 Mar 1782 Westport Point, Mass. to Polly 
                          6-1. Son Irish (b.24 Mar 1806 d.24 Mar 1806)
                          6-2. Mahala Irish (b.22 Jul 1807) 
                               m-31 Dec 1838 to william Grinnell
                          6-3. Milton Irish (b.7 May 1812) 
                               m-San Augustine, TX(?) to Emily Eves
                                7-1.Benjamin Miilam Irish (b.Sep 1845)
                                7-2.Daughter Irish (b.Sep 1848)
                          6-4. Lewis Irish (b.May 1814)
                               m-to Sophronia
                                7-1.Mary Jane Irish (b.2 Mar 1843)
                                7-2.Cordelia Irish (b.27 Sep 1844)
                                7-3.Wilder Irish (b.3 Sep 1846)
                                7-4.Judson Greely Irish (b.6 Jun 1849)
                          6-5. Joseph Irish (b.19 Jul 1816) 
                               m-to Cordelia Cleary (b.18 Nov 1850)
                                7-1.Milton Irish (b.5 Oct 1840) 
                                7-2.Austin Irish (b.4 Jan 1843)
                                7-3.Mary Ella Irish (b.5 Oct 1846)
                                7-4.George A Irish (b.2 Aug 1849) 
                                    m-17 Jun 1851 to Nancy Eastman
                          6-6. Melia Irish (b.31 Aug 1818 Salisbury, Mass)
                               m-to Joseph Homer Walton 
                                7-1.Luella Walton
                                7-2.Edward Morse Walton
                                7-3.Henry Adams Walton
                          6-7.  Mary Polly Irish (b.13 Sep 1822)  
                          6-8.  Esther Irish (b.31 Oct 1824 d.24 Sep 1826) 
                    5-10.Hannah Irish (b.10 May 1784, Foxcroft ?)
                         m-(1)to Abiel LeDoit
                         m-(2)to David Haskell 
                    5-11.Levi Irish (b.19 May 1786 d.1 May 1820)
                         m-4 Oct 1810 Appleton,Maine to Anna Lincoln -Pease (b.22 Nov 1780) 
                          6-1. Abigail Irish (b.6 Sep 1811) 
                          6-2. Mersey Irish (b.28 Jun 1813) 
                          6-3. Maryan Irish (b.9 Oct 1815) 
                          6-4. Sarah Irish (b.24 Dec 1819) 
                          6-5. Levi Irish (b.abt. 1820) 
                               m-abt 17 Nov 1877 Appleton, Maine to Lydia Calderwood (b.abt 1818 Maine)
                                7-1.Frederick Irish (b.abt 1848 Maine)
                                    m-abt 25 Mar 1871 Appleton, Maine to Mary Alfaretta Hart 
                                     8-1.Hattie Irish (b.abt 1873)
                                     8-2.Minnie A. Irish (b.abt 1876)
                                     8-3.Levier O. Irish (b.abt 1880)
                                7-2.Anne E. Irish (b.abt 1851)
                                7-3. Edwin Levi Irish (b. 6 Apr 1857  Maine d. 29 May 1948 Seattle, WA)
                                    m-24 Nov 1877, Appleton, Maine to Sara Jane Pelton (b.30 Jul 1858 d.31 Dec 1926, Seattle, WA)
                                     8-1.Walter Irish (b.21 ? 1878)
                                     8-2.Amby Irish (b.18 Apr 1880)
                                     8-3.Abby Maude Irish (b.31 Jul 1883 Grey Eagle, MN d.16 Jul 1920 Port Angeles, WA
                                         m-(1) to Peter Eugene Charpentier (Carpenter)(b. Abt 1876 Oakland, CA)
                                          9-1.George Eugene Carpenter (b. 18 Aug d. Abt Apr 1988, Everett, Wa) 
                                              m-15 Aug 1926, Everett, WA to Minnie Rose Helen Bonneywell (b. 7 May 1905, Harrington, WA d. Abt Aug 1990, Everett, WA)
                                          9-2.Hazel Marie Carpenter (b. Abt 1906 , Bellingham, WA, d. 25 Dec 1995, Seattle, WA)
                                              m-to Frank Graham 
                                          9-3.Frances Carpenter (b. Abt 1907, Bellingham, WA)
                                              m-to Reese Morgan
                                         m-(2) to Ralph W. Matson    
                                     8-4.Blanche Lydia Irish (b. 6 Dec 1886, Grey Eagle, MN d. 31 Jul 1979, Seattle, WA)
                                         m-1906 to Albert Joseph Cluckey (b. Abt 1884, Mich d. Seattle, WA)
                                          9-1.Violet Leona Helen Cluckey (b. 16  May 1909 d. Oct 1998)
                                              m-15 Mar 1930 Santa Rosa, CA to James Walter Bridges (b. 11 Nov 1907 d. 1995, Seattle, WA)
                                               10-1.Leon Bridges(b. 13 Oct 1937 Everett, WA) 
                                                    m-8  Sep 1961, Seattle, WA to Corrine (b. 6 Jan 1941)
                                                     11-1.Annette Christine Bridges (b. 24 Oct 1964)
                                                          m-to Kevin
                                                           12-1.Kendra Lynn (b. 18  Apr 1986, Tacoma, WA)
                                                           12-2.Christopher James (b. 9 Dec 1988, Federal Way, WA)
                                                           12-3.Taylor (b. 11 Jan 1991, Federal Way, WA)
                                                     11-2.Stuart James Bridges (b.19  Jul 1967, Seattle, WA)
                                          9-2.Walter Herbert Clucky (b 30 Apr 1911, Seattle, WA)
                                              m- to Dorothy
                                          9-3.Mildred Marie Cluckey (b. 10 Jul 1916, Seattle, WA)
                                              m-26 1940, Seattle, WA to John Francis Ellingson (b.19 Jul 19 1918)
                                               10-1.John Christian Ellingson (b.25 Dec 1941, Hawaii)
                                               10-2.Wallen Bundy Ellingson (b.28 Feb 1946, Hawaii)
                                                    m- to Gayle Michaels
                                          9-4.Kenneth Leonard Cluckey (b. 7 Dec 1923, Seattle, WA.)
                                              m-(1)31 Dec 1941, Seattle, WA to Irene Agnes Rode (b.30 Jan 1923, Lind, WA d. 1 Sep 1993, Auburn, WA)
                                               10-1.Linda Jeanne Cluckey (b.
                                                    m-24 Jul 1980, Honolulu, HI to Clarence Henry Tombarge (b. 11 Jan 1933)
                                               10-2.Gregory Kenneth Cluckey (b. 5 Jan 1948, Seattle, WA)
                                                    m-(1)27 Jan 1967 to Linda Diane Weatherly (b. 10 Feb 1947)
                                                     11-1.Tanya Marie Cluckey (b. 5 May 1969, Nuremburg, Germany)
                                                          m-11 Aug 1991,Tacoma, WA to Dennis Bradly Joslin (b.27 Aug 1966, CA)
                                                           12-1.Amanda Jean Joslin (b. 7 Jan 1992)
                                                     11-2.Kenneth Gregory Cluckey (b. 16 Aug 1973, FtLewis, WA)
                                                          m-Abt 1992, Algona, WA to Barbie
                                                    m-(2)5 May 5th 1981, Seattle, WA to Preeda Mitchell (b. 8 Aug 45 in Puket Thailand)
                                               10-3.Kimberly Anne Cluckey  (b. 3 Aug 1960, Seattle, WA)
                                                    m-11 Aug 1978, Auburn, WA to Charles Paul Halter (b. 16 Aug 1958, Fairbanks, Alaska)
                                                     11-1.Jeremy Paul Halter (b.30 Jun 1982 Auburn, WA)
                                                     11-2.Joshua Charles Halter (b. 27 Jul 1984 Renton, WA)
                                                     11-3.Jason Douglas Halter (b. 15 Sep 1991 Renton, WA)
                                              m-(2)20 Jul 1973 Seattle, WA to Gloria Faye Bowen Cochran (b. 9 May 1938, Tracy City, TN)
                                               10-1.Mildred LeAnne Cluckey (b. 7 Jul 1974, Seattle, WA)
                                     8-5.Walter H. Irish (b. 21 Jan 1889)
                                     8-6.Homer Irish (b.19 Apr 1892)
                                         m-to Helen
                                          9-1.Bessie Irish
                                              m-to VanVleet
                                               10-1.Juanita VanVleet
                                     8-7.Gladys Irish (b.10 Dec 1896 d. Abt 1971)
                                         m-(1) to Gowan
                                         m-(2) to Verne
                                     8-8.Gertrude M. Irish (b.6 Feb  Feb 06 1901, Mt Vernon, WA, d. Abt 1983)
                                         m-to Karl J. Whitcomb
                                          9-1.Russell W. Whitcomb (b. Abt. 1926)
                                              m-26 Oct 1951 to Margie Lou Zimmerman
                                               10-1.Wayne Allen Whitcomb
                                               10-2.Lauri J. Whitcomb
                                               10-3.Gordon D. Whitcomb
                                          9-2.Gordon E. Whitcomb (b. Abt 1929)
                                              m-(1) to Rhonda
                                              m-(2) to Roxanne
                    5-12.Ichabod Irish (b. 31 May 1790)
                         m-(1) A. Curtis in Newcastle(?)
                          6-1. Charles West Irish (b. 28 Dec 1812)
                               m-(2) Jul 1812 to Lucy Mitchell
              4-11.Samuel Irish (b. 21 Jan 1743  d. 23 Mar 1818)
   2-3.Elias Irish (d.1677) 
       m-2 Aug 1674 to Dorothy Witherell, daughter of William Witherell  Resided Taunton, Mass. 
   2-4.Lydia Irish 
       m-? Gray. Resided France?)


It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;
What is essential is invisible to the eye.
-- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry,
The Little Prince


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