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Phillips Brooks
"A BUZZA MOTTO c. 1925"

A Gift of Love For My Family
Based On Memories of the Many Stories
We've Lived and Been Told

I Love You All - Faye

Don't walk in front of me...I may not follow.
Don't walk behind me...I might not lead.
Just walk beside me...and be my friend.

Family Tree

It is better to attempt to do something great and fail,
than to attempt to do nothing and succeed.

"Our Flower Garden"

Family Units - Lives and Children


Samuel Blair & Mildred Susie (Nunley) Bowen


Conry Index Page


Nunley, Misc. Family Pictures

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;
What is essential is invisible to the eye.
-- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry,
The Little Prince


A million thanks to all of my sisters and family, I love you so much. This would be a very poor excuse for a Family Album without your contributions - couldn't do it by myself! It is becoming a real joint effort, family project that we will all be able to print and be proud of!

Sheila, if it wasn't for this computer, it wouldn't have happened! Thank you a million times and more.

Milly, my precious daughter as well as best friend, how do I thank you? You have allowed me to become a "computer hog" and take total control over YOUR books and scanner. (Have you ever had a chance to use them?) You have taken over many of my household chores to allow me more time to spend on the computer. You seem to always sense, and meet my needs without me even having to ask. The Lord truly blessed me! You are the best!

Andria, you have been my number one source of support and encouragement. You care enough to look. You see and comment on every new picture, date, etc. I add BEFORE I can call your attention to it. Your constant praise and interest has meant more to me than you know. In fact, it was your asking "should I know these people?" that prompted me to start this project. I also want to thank you for the wavs, scanned pictures, etc. I sure love you Punkin!

Jeff, I have to thank you for your tech support in helping me keep the computer going in spite of my mess-ups.

Diana, our new-found cousin! You are so special. (Must be the red hair!) I'm so very glad that we are family and finally found each other! After you spent years researching the Conry family, you are still willing to share - to spend hours scanning, and making copies of old family pictures and documents. Also, furnishing important dates, stories and other interesting tidbits of information that help make our ancestors "real people" to us rather than just names. Thank You!

Mike, you deserve a special thank you for taking the time and effort to scan and send Madeline's pictures to be added to our Album. That's really kind of you and we all appreciate your help.

Finally, a special thanks to all the other friends that have helped us along the way.

Loves, Hugs and God's Blessings,