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Equality School 1898

Left to right:

Front row, seated:

    1.Charlie Darr, 2.Homer Irish, 3.Archil Gifford, 4.Charlie Oleson, 5.Oliver Bridges, 6.Harry Boissevain, 7.Jesse Dow, 8.Charlie Marquart, 9.Alfred Klamroth, 10.Donald Boyd, 11.Howard Ault, 12.Henry Peek, 13.Dave Darr, 14.Frank Peek

Second Row, Standing:

    1.Clint Halladay, 2.Ted Boissevain, 3.Teito Clevenger

Second Row, Seated:

    1.Ada Fisher, 2.Mamie Oleson, 3.Florence Pelton, 4.Lola Gifford, 5.Ollie Darr, 6.Julia Boyd, 7.Ebba Oleson, 8.Belle Mitchell, 9.Trau Willig

Third Row:

    1.John Boyd, 2.Walter Lowe, 3.Claude Halladay, 4.Evoda Fisher, 5.Lulu Darr, 6.Blanche Irish, 7.Emma Marquart, 8.Ida Jolly, 9.Bertha Fisher, 10.Maude Darr, 11.Lulu Ault

Back Row:

    1.David Burgess-Principal, 2.Harriet Boissevain, 3.Maude Irish, 4.Frankie clevenger, 5.Eva Pelton, 6.Miss Kate Halladay-Teacher


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What is essential is invisible to the eye.
-- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry,
The Little Prince


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